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Panther Lodge
Bear Tribe
Medicine Society
Sun Bear holding up Buffalo skull at Medicine Wheel Gathering
Bear Tribe Medicine Wheel Gathering at Vision Mountain Washington

Sun Bear's Medicine Gatherings of the Bear Tribe

Painting of Sun Bear Chief of Bear Tribe

Panther-Bear Tribe History

The Bear Tribe Medicine Society was founded by Sun Bear in 1971 according to his spiritual Vision. In his vision, he saw people of all races coming together to be a medicine society of teachers. They would share with others the ways they had found to bring themselves into harmony with the Earth, and with all the beings upon her.

Sun Bear had a Vision. A Vision of all Tribes, Nations, Peoples, returning to harmonious relationship with Mother Earth and All Our Relations. The Sun Bear Medicine Wheel was given to him to bring this Vision to fruition, into physical reality.

Sun Bear's Medicine Wheel Gatherings began in 1981 near Mt. Rainier, Washington, the result of the vision of Sun Bear, Shaman, Teacher and Founder of the Bear Tribe. Since then, over 60,000 people have attended more than 72 gatherings in the United States, Canada and Europe. These Gatherings have provided participants with a ceremonial center to their lives and an important sense of family and community. The Bear Tribe had 100 acres of land on Vision Mountain where they built some cabins.  Vision Mountain was a place of great vision and power. The energy was very strong. No one came there without feeling the good vibrations.

Following the passing of Sun Bear in 1992, the Bear Tribe Medicine Society was given by Sun Bear to Wabun Wind who led the tribe for 4 years. Then in June of 1996, Wabun Wind passed the Chieftainship to Wind Daughter who had been a respected student of Sun Bear's since 1983. She then became the Medicine Chief of the Bear Tribe Medicine Society. Wind Daughter has  carried the Medicine forward since 1996, adding her own Vision with the Panther Lodge Medicine Society in 2006. In 2019 she amalgamated them together as the Panther Lodge Bear Tribe Medicine Society. Wind has continued the Medicine, still offering her experiential Teachings to many

Earth Peoples to learn and enjoy today.

The following is quoted from The Bear Tribe Medicine Society flyers for the Medicine Wheel Gatherings:

 "Medicine Wheels of stone, constructed by the original Native inhabitants, once spread across the Americas. These wheels were the ceremonial centers of earth people; powerful vortexes for both giving and receiving earth energy. On the psycho-spiritual level, Medicine Wheels provide a complex map of the human psyche, a way to deeply connect with yourself and with others. Earth Peoples used the Medicine Wheel to understand and celebrate change in their own lives and in the cycles of the earth. What these ancient ones knew and practiced is knowledge sorely needed by modern men and women."

-  Sun Bear

The Sun Bear books have helped many people. Through them and the Bear Tribe which he founded, he had hoped to spread the use of the Medicine Wheel around the Earth. To a great extent he succeeded.

-  Wind Daughter, Panther Wind Woman

Today's Teachings by Wind Daughter for the

Panther Lodge Bear Tribe Medicine Society:

Black Lodge Circle Gathering by Wind Daughter

Black Lodge Teachings

Wind Daughter's Women's Gathering in Florida

Women's Gatherings

Native American sweat lodge frames with firepit and earth mound altar

Sweat Lodges &  Training

Clear quart crystal cluster from crystal digging event in Arkansas

Crystal Digging

Pipe blessing dance with Wind Daughter
Bear Tribe Medicine Wheeel Gathering with Wind Daughter

Medicine Wheel Gatherings

Drum Making Workshop with Wind Daughter

Drum Making

Native American Dream Catcher to catch good dreams and release bad dreams

Shamanic Journeying

Sweetgrass smudging shell with feather and crystals


People drumming & singing at Wind Daughter Gathering

Drumming Singing Dancing

Native American rawhide & gourd rattles

Medicine Tool Workshops

Native Elder giving a blessing to a child


Wind Daughter event Earth Dance with people in a circle

Earth Dances

Native American drum ceremony

Many More Ceremonies

Pipe Trainings

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